Goal update

2011 Baseline: 39.7

November 2021 Update*: 60.3

December 2019 Goal: 70


*While these scores are calculated based on rolling total energy usage, OPS’ increase in Energy Star rating may be in part as a result of significantly lower energy usage starting in early March 2020, as many buildings were unoccupied due to COVID-19.

Energy Savings

Over the course of the past 10 years, OPS’ energy efficiency efforts have cumulatively saved:

975 million kBtu

$14.5 million

Energy Star Awards

Since 2009, OPS has won a total of 47 Energy Star Awards, for individual schools and the district as a whole. Seven OPS schools have also won the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Award, which is one of the most prestigious green schools awards in the country. The district continues to strive for this level of excellence in sustainability.


The district has been pursuing several strategies to conserve energy. Dozens of schools now have real-time energy monitoring systems that help the district determine when and where energy is being used so that conservation strategies are targeted. LED lights are the norm in new renovations and new buildings. Communicating and implementing energy conservation practices is also essential to reducing energy use, and the district’s Energy & Water Management Team is focused on monitoring energy use and providing direction and solutions to schools for continued conservation.

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