Goal update

2009 Baseline: 2,670 gal per occupant

November 2021 Update*: 1,811 gal per occupant

December 2019 Goal: 2,400 gal per occupant (goal exceeded)

*While these scores are calculated based on rolling total water usage, OPS’ decrease in water use per occupant may be in part due to some buildings being unoccupied due to COVID-19 starting in March 2020.

Water Consumption

Rolling 12-month water consumption per occupant

After significant reductions in water consumption throughout 2013-2015, the district experienced an increase during the spring and summer months of 2016 due to less rainfall and very warm months. Between 2017 and 2020, water consumption began trending downward once again, until COVID-19 impacts confounded results. Nonetheless, it is likely that water use will continue to decrease over time, following this longer trend. 


Schools install native landscaping and water-efficient equipment to reduce water use. Communicating and implementing water conservation practices is also essential to reducing water use, and the district’s Energy & Water Management Team is heavily focused on monitoring water use and providing direction and solutions to schools for continued reduction.

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